Cranial reconstruction at an older age

Posted on Sep 6, 2022

Older children who have been recently diagnosed with craniosynostosis are not candidates for an endoscopic surgery. However, many children who we see as second opinions, or who had delayed diagnoses, do quite well with cranial reconstruction at an older age. Parents may have concerns about the scar on the scalp after an open surgery, but in our experience, the scar is really not very noticeable.

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Cephalo (head) hematoma (blood clot) is a blood clot related to a difficult delivery of a baby. This can happen with NORMAL vaginal deliveries. This situation happens when some blood vessels under the skin tear or pop open, causing a “contained” blood clot.

We see hundreds of babies with cephalohematomas every year, in our office. 99% of the blood clots “dissipate” or go away with time, gentle massage and warm compresses. We monitor these babies over a few months.

CALCIFIED cephalohematomas are calcified clots, that did NOT go away. ONLY if they are very large, disfiguring, or if they cause severe torticollis, head turning, or other problems, do we ever consider surgery.

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From diagnosis to treatment, an expert at the New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute explains plagiocephaly
BY TATIANA SIKORSKYJ, APN, RNFA Published: June 23, 2022

Cranial Remolding helmet worn for the treatment of plagiocephaly. This 9 month old child is wearing the helmet while eating solid food and wearing a bib

What is plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly (sometimes called deformational plagiocephaly or positional plagiocephaly) is a common and treatable disorder in infants.

Plagiocephaly develops when an infant’s soft skull becomes flattened in one area due to prolonged pressure on that part of the head. Many babies develop plagiocephaly by sleeping regularly in one position. There are other types of plagiocephaly, some of which are caused by a serious condition called craniosynostosis. In craniosynostosis, the deformity is caused by premature closure of the fibrous joints (“sutures”) between the bones of the infant.

Treatment for plagiocephaly usually includes special exercises, physical therapy, varying sleep position or wearing corrective helmets.

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